Renting with confidence

At Alexander Fleming, we maintain an exhaustive list of exceptional properties in the Kent area. Please get in touch with our office to receive an up-to-the-minute copy of our letting list.

Notice for Tenants

Once a suitable property is found, we will require the following terms and conditions to be met prior to confirming a tenancy:


To begin, employment and bank references, or a satisfactory alternative for each tenant must be supplied along with reference forms which will be handed to you by the agent. These details will be provided to Rent4Sure™ by way of an application.


A security deposit equal to one month’s rent or higher will be registered and secured under legislation. This deposit will be held and returned to you at the end of the tenancy period, as required. The return of your deposit is subject to satisfactory property inspections and compliance with all tenancy terms and conditions.

The First Month’s Rent 

The first month’s rent is required in advance. Subject to bank clearance, the details submitted to us will be used for the regular monthly payment of rent for the duration of the tenancy.

Administration Fees 

A payment of £360 inclusive of VAT, is required to cover our tenancy set up charges, an additional £60 incl VAT is required for every additional tenant who will be added on the agreement. This fee covers our referencing and check-in services, as well as the production of an inventory, tenancy agreement, and statutory notices. Should a guarantor be necessary for the tenancy, a further application fee of £120 incl VAT will be required.

Keeping You Updated

Tenants will be supplied with copies of all documentation, including the inventory list, along with one set of keys and a receipt of payment. The tenant(s) will be responsible for all outgoing payments as agreed upon at the start of the tenancy period. The necessary details will be provided to all necessary parties at this point.

Property Inspections

The property will be inspected at regular intervals. This will be completed by the prior arrangement of the landlord or managing agent.

Establishing the Terms 

These terms may vary in accordance with the wishes of our clients. Any changes will be agreed upon by you prior to the start of any tenancy period. Please note that landlords retain the right of refusal. When you are unsure of your rights as a tenant, or require further advice, please consult with a legal representative before signing any documentation.

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